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Worried about skin cancer?
Sunglasses not enough?
Want your car to look classier?
Or just too plain hot???

Auto Window Tinting Sacramento offers Window Tinting to car dealerships, commercial businesses and individuals.  We also provide Window Tinting services to fleet companies as well as limousine companies.  We offer multiple car discounts to those who qualify.  Window Tinting Sacramento is your preferred company of choice with years of experience in the Window Tint industry.  So Contact Us Today for a Free Quote.

At Window Tint Sacramento, we have an automotive film solution for everyone of our customers and we are conveniently located.

Whether you’re looking for superior heat rejection, the highest levels of fade protection, or just want a certain “look”, let one of our solar control professionals guide you through any sun problem.  Our extensive line of films is the most complete in the industry and will assure that each individual’s goals are not only met, but exceeded!

            Knowledge of our industry is unmatched… Installation quality is second to none…our level of customer service cannot be “eclipsed”…

We specialize in mobile window tinting Sacramento for residential and commercial customers. Whether you’re looking for window tinting Sacramento on your car, truck, or commercial vehicle, we have many options available. Locally owned and operated, we are licensed and insured and with years of experience and expertise, we are the right choice in Sacramento area and beyond.

Save energy, stay cooler, and enjoy the benefits of custom window tinting Sacramento professionals. We have the experience, expertise, and dedication to provide quality, pricing, quick work, and fast response times.

The look of your car is important. Window tinting Sacramento can make a dramatic change in your car’s attitude and protect your interior from the sun’s harmful rays. Just like any other modifications you make, it’s important not to trust your car to just anyone.

We know that you love your car or truck for a number of reasons, from the style, driving experience or even the security and comfort that you feel when sitting behind the wheel. And with quality window tint, installed by a professional dealer, you’ll be adding one more. You’ll have a more pleasurable ride that comes from protecting yourself and your family from the harmful UV rays, glare and heat of the sun.

Today’s car window tinting Sacramentois designed to deliver the highest possible performance, including quality, color stability and durability with a scratch-resistant coating. A non-metallized ceramic window tint is available that provides maximum heat and UV protection that doesn’t interfere with your mobile phone, radar detector, remote entry or similar radio frequency technology.

Why Car Window Tinting in Sacramento?

  • Block Dangerous UV Rays
  • Reduce Heat and Distracting Glare
  • Enhance Style and Appearance
  • Reduce Interior Fading
  • Increase Safety

If you’re looking for auto window tinting “near me”, at affordable prices in Sacramento Ca. and the surrounding areas, depend on our professional staff. With years of experience we offer you quality, dependability, fast response, and competitive prices. We stand behind our products so call to schedule your appointment today.

 Which is the best window tinting film?

Tinting levels are determined on how much light can get in through the car window. Tint always appears to be darker from inside the automobile, which is due to the fact that the light is unable to escape from inside of the car. In most cases the levels of window film is 35 %, 20 % and also 15 %.

The choice that most people make is 20 % for the side of the automobile and 15 % for the rear window. Most states do have a certain maximum level that is permitted by law, but there are no requirements or restrictions for the rear of the automobiles. It is a fact that the higher the percentage of tint, the more heat the tint can reflect.

There are a few different types of window film, such as hybrid, dyed and metalized. The hybrid is of mid quality and is known as high performance tint which can combine metalized and dyed materials. This type of tinting will reject much more solar heat than any dyed material can.

The dyed is a more lower quality and is also much more cheaper in price and is known to be non reflective. This kind of tinting will change to the color of purple and over time will begin to bubble up. The best quality tint is the metalized and the solar heat rejection is basically the same as the hybrid and this comes along with a warranty that is for a lifetime.

When it comes time for you to provide some care for your car window tint, you must keep in mind to never use any a cleaners with ammonia, they will only damage and begin to remove some auto window tint. There are several shops that sell some safer cleaning products for any tint that does not have any ammonia content.

You can also use some soapy water along with the use of a very soft cloth so you will be able to clean your windows without ever damaging this tint on the windows. Afterwards, then just use some warm water so to rinse and then just dry the windows of your car with a very soft cloth.

Window Tinting Sacramento California tint laws:

Tint darkness for California sedans and SUVs:

  • Windshield: Non-reflective tint is allowed on the top 4 inches of the windshield.
  • Side Front windows: Must allow more than 70% of light in.
  • Side Rear windows: Any darkness level is OK.
  • Back Window: Any darkness level is OK.

Tint reflection for California sedans and SUVs:

  • Side Front window tint: No more reflective than a standard window.
  • Side Rear windows: No more reflective than a standard window
  • Side Front windows: No more reflective than a standard window.
  • Side Back windows: No more reflective than a standard window.

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